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Minchington Benjamin1872-
Isaacs Elizabeth Kate1872-
Higgs Alfred E1872-
Phillips James1872-
Newbery William Charles1872-
Selway Georgina1872-
Hermann Laura187217 APR 1955
Cook Sydney William1872-
Billington William DeaconJUN 18721915
Phippen Edwin19 OCT 1872-
Isaacs Frederick1873-
Hooper Harriet1873-
Newbery Frederick James1873-
Plumley Samuel1873-
Hockey Clemintina1873-
Gamble Enos Ferdinand1873-
Notely Francis W1873-
Beggs Rose1873-
Billington CharlesJUN 1873-
Sparks Frederick William GSEP 18731960
Phillips Annie26 SEP 1873-
Hooper George Benjamin1874-
Cook James1874-
Selway Anne1874-
Phillips Emily Ellen18741874
Eglon Thomas William1874-
Dean Frederick Samuel1874-
Isaacs George Thomas1874-
Hodder George1874-
Hockey Ada1874-
Bell Robert1874-
Beggs Angus13 SEP 187426 JAN 1958
Isaacs Sydney1875-
Phillips Herbert George1875-
Cook Ellen1875-
Williams Mary Ann1875-
Newbery John Edwin1875-
Hooper William George1875-
Higgs Eliza J1875-
Curtis Sarah Ann1875-
Minchington Alice Eliza1875-
Bedford AliceAbt 1875-
Billington Charles DeaconMAR 1875-
Taylor Mary Elizabeth30 NOV 1875-
Phillips James1876-
Isaacs William James1876-
Notely Alice E1876-
Phillips William1876-
Flentjar Alga Christina1876-
Plumley George1876-
Newbery Florence Emily1876-
Simister FrederickAbt 1876-
Selway Edith1876-
Williams Bridget Ann1876-
Bell James18761878
Stables CharlotteAbt 1876-
Beggs Margaret1876-
Unknown Elizabeth1876-
Barge Joseph Henry18761936
Vigar Frances5 JUN 18764 SEP 1954
Billington ElizabethDEC 1876-
Hooper Emily Jane1877-
Selway Ada1877-
Warr Alice May1877-
Norley David18774 MAR 1878
Pinchen George William18771955
Isaacs Henry1877-
Hodder Henry1877-
Basford Mabel Mary26 SEP 187726 FEB 1976
White Susanna28 SEP 187719 JAN 1959

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