List of events ordered by date

Event TypeDatePlaceIndividual
Death8 MAR 1980Perth, WABest George Mill
Death8 JUN 1980Victoria Australia - BraybrookHannasky Frederick John Thomas
Burial25 AUG 1980Necropolis Ashes RetFlentjar Florence May Heather
Birth18 SEP 1980?Gilbert Andrew Alexander
Death2 NOV 1980Altona Victoria AustraliaBell Laura Catherine
Death1980Victoria Australia - ParkvilleFlentjar Florence May Heather
Death1980Melbourne Victoria AustraliaLangcake Dorothy
Death1980Dromana Victoria AustraliaNorley Florence (Florrie) Matilda
Marriage1980?Sherwood Private with Phillips Private
Death1980Kerang Victoria AustraliaAsh Edward
Death21 JAN 1981?Gilbert Andrew Alexander
Death5 FEB 1981Somerset United Kingdom - WinshamBeer Rosetta Lily
Death17 FEB 1981Echuca Victoria AustraliaBarge Mildred Alice
Death13 SEP 1981Perth, WAOuttrim Edwin Oliver Courtenay
Death14 APR 1982Gilfach Goch, WalesDavies Richard
Death13 MAY 1982Somerset United Kingdom - WinshamPhillips Eva
Death25 JUN 1982Echuca Victoria AustraliaBarge Beatrice Maud
Marriage10 JUL 1982New South Wales Australia - MoamaHooper Private with Hall Private
Death30 NOV 1982Victoria Australia - Fran.Johnson Elsie Isabel
Burial2 DEC 1982Necropolis Dodonea Wall Niche M158Johnson Elsie Isabel
Death18 DEC 1982Echuca Victoria AustraliaAsh Iris Ellen Mary
Death1982?Phillips Charles Victor
Death1982Cohuna Victoria AustraliaBell Elizabeth
Death10 MAR 1983Perth, WAGloster Margaret Blanch
Death1 JUL 1983Echuca Victoria AustraliaAsh Walter Albert
Death7 AUG 1983Echuca Victoria AustraliaHannasky Allan William
Death3 SEP 1983Echuca Victoria AustraliaHannasky Frances Mary
DeathAbt 1983CanadaBeer Gordon Geoffrey
Death1983Dandenong Victoria AustraliaFlentjar Joseph George
Death1983?Barge Walter Arthur
Death12 JAN 1984Kyabram Victoria AustraliaMusgrove George Leslie
Death15 OCT 1984CarlisleLovell Joseph
Death15 OCT 1984CarlisleCambage Amy
Death8 JAN 1985Warwickshire United Kingdom - SouthamHudson Esther May
DeathFEB 1985?Barge David
BirthFEB 1985?Barge David
Death14 AUG 1985Southam North Dakota United States of AmericaSheffield John
Death1985Victoria Australia - Brig.Langcake Alfred Thomas
Death1985Southampton New York United States of AmericaPhillips Rita Sybil Jenkins
Death1985Swan Hill Victoria AustraliaAsh Janet
Death16 APR 1986Somerset United Kingdom - YeovilRobins Winifred Kate
Death1986TrowbridgeHussey Marion Violet
Death18 MAR 1987Devon United Kingdom - TivertonA'Lee Frederick John Henry
Death31 MAR 1987Perth, WAGrime Stella Viola
Death10 AUG 1987Echuca Victoria AustraliaHannasky Arthur Vernon (Vernon)
Death1987Southampton New York United States of AmericaPhillips Eleanor Irene Beryl
Death8 JAN 1988Echuca Victoria AustraliaBarge Ada May
Death26 FEB 1988Cambridge Tasmania Australia - BottishamLovell Jennie Marion
Death1988Hinton St GeorgeBeer Eric James
Death19 OCT 1989Northampton Western Australia Australia - NGHLovell Arthur
Death14 DEC 1989?Barge Cyril
Death1989Leamington SpaBeer Edwin Walter
Death1990?Phillips Alfred Edward
Death1990TauntonLong Sidney George
Death1990?Hooper Gweneth Jacqueline
Death17 JAN 1991Echuca Victoria AustraliaHaines Kathleen Mary
Death11 JUN 1991South Africa - WelkomFerguson John
Death8 AUG 1991South Africa - WelkomGeorge Patricia Margaret
Death1 SEP 1991Melbourne Victoria AustraliaBarge Gordon Henry
Death16 SEP 1991Melbourne Victoria AustraliaBarge William Leslie
Birth13 DEC 1991?Barge Marissa Louise
Death1991Stourton, Wilts.Beer Eva May
Birth24 JUN 1992Melbourne Victoria AustraliaColumbine Jackson Thomas
Death1 APR 1993?Dickinson Margaret
Death11 MAY 1993Echuca Victoria AustraliaHannasky Edward John
Death5 JUL 1993Macedon Victoria AustraliaBarge Marissa Louise
Death23 OCT 1993Somerset United Kingdom - YeovilEglon Dorothy Maud
Death2 DEC 1993Devon United Kingdom - TivertonPhippen Edgar Frederick
Death1993Zimbabwe - HarareFerguson Dorothy May
Death1993TrowbridgeBeer William Edward
Death8 JUN 1994Echuca Victoria AustraliaHooper Barry William
Death24 SEP 1994Melbourne Victoria AustraliaRhodes William Albert
Death25 NOV 1994Kew Victoria Australia - Caritas Christi HospiceHannasky Ronald John Thomas
Death1994BournemouthPhillips Reginald Fred George
Death23 AUG 1995Melbourne Victoria AustraliaBarge Donald Murray
Death3 JUL 1996Devon United Kingdom - TivertonWright Barbara Elizabeth
Death27 AUG 1996Preston Victoria AustraliaSmith Gladys Muriel
MarriageAUG 1996?Hiller Private with Barge Private
Death19 SEP 1996London Middlesex United Kingdom - HeathrowCarlo Simon John
Death26 SEP 1997Echuca Victoria AustraliaMembrey Iris May
Death1997Echuca Victoria AustraliaMuller Angelina
Death1997?Phillips Gordon Albert Edward
Death1997South Africa - Cape TownConnor Evelyn Florence
Death20 NOV 1998EpworthHannasky John Vernon
Death14 APR 1999Dianella, WAOuttrim Edwin Peter
Death4 JAN 2000?Dyball Jack Arther
Death2000S DorsetLong Cecil John
Death18 APR 2001Somerset United Kingdom - YeovilGuppy Clifford
Death23 OCT 2001Echuca Victoria AustraliaColumbine Jackson Thomas
Death4 MAR 2002Echuca Victoria AustraliaHannasky Glenys Faye
Death2002CowbridgePhillips Roland William Vincent
Death28 FEB 2003Castlemaine Victoria AustraliaBott Sheila Mary
Death20 APR 2003Echuca Victoria AustraliaTurvey Jamie Paul
Death30 MAY 2003Ashes scattered DevonLovell Kathleen Marion
Death1 SEP 2003Warwickshire United Kingdom - SouthamFlower John
Death11 MAR 2004Footscray Victoria AustraliaStewart Ian Howie
Death24 APR 2004Echuca Victoria AustraliaAsh Raymond Henry Thomas
DeathAbt 2004?McCurdy Brian Neill
Death2004?Barge Rose E
Death20 FEB 2005Dewi Sant Hospital, PontypriddWalker Doris May
Death20 APR 2005Echuca Victoria AustraliaBest Ronald
Death2 SEP 2005Albury New South Wales AustraliaBarge Douglas Arthur
Death27 SEP 2005Devon United Kingdom - TivertonSparks Emily
Death2005?Knight Camilla
Death14 JUN 2006?McMaster Albert John
OccupationBet 1871 and 1901Glover, Glover, Glove Maker, Glover, Glove BackerSelway Frances A
OccupationBet 1851 and 1891Farm Labourer, Labourer, Gas Stoker, Ag Lab, LabourerHodder Sydenham
OccupationBet 1841 and 1871Ag Lab, Farm LabourerHodder George
OccupationBet 1861 and 1881Farm Labourer, Stoker-Gas Works, GardenerHodder George
OccupationBet 1841 and 1871Ag Lab, Labourer, Formerly Farmer, Retired FarmerBarge John

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