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United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Erith

Event TypeDateIndividual
BirthAbt 1869Tilbrook Aleck



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Shorncliffe

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth25 JUL 1871Ferguson Edward Thomas Dunn



United Kingdom - LAN Lancashire - Chorlton

Event TypeDateIndividual
Death1889Minchington Adelaide Victoria



United Kingdom - LAN Lancashire - Failsworth

Event TypeDateIndividual
BirthAbt 1876Simister Frederick



United Kingdom - MDX Middlesex - London : 27 events

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Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage?Lockton Percy with Hussey Sylvia May
BirthAbt 1836Isaacs Asher
Birth1856Isaacs Mary Ann
Birth1861Isaacs Asher John
Marriage1867Dawe Richard with Barge Sarah Ann
Birth1870Isaacs Kate
Birth1873Isaacs Frederick
Birth1875Isaacs Sydney
Birth1877Isaacs Henry
Death6 MAR 1957Bull George Henry


Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1825Langcake Thomas Read
Birth1860Blackurn Barnabus
Birth1860Moyse Louise
Birth4 SEP 1892Blackburn Lillian Florence


Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1883Warr Grace
Birth1886Warr Gertrude


Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1887Isaacs Edith Kate Warr

Flaxman Rd., Camberwell

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth15 DEC 1889Isaacs Sydney Walter George


Event TypeDateIndividual
Death19 SEP 1996Carlo Simon John


Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1894Isaacs Margaret Florence


Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1885Stables George E
Birth1890Stables Caroline Martha
Death1891Stables Caroline Martha

St Pancras

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1881Warr Elizabeth
Birth1883Warr Frederick
Birth1884Warr Florence

Strand, England

Event TypeDateIndividual
Death1892Stables Benjamin Samuel



United Kingdom - MDX Middlesex - Whitechapel

Event TypeDateIndividual
BirthAbt 1846Dicker William John



United Kingdom - MON Monmouthshire - Newport

Event TypeDateIndividual
Death1874Barge Benjamin



United Kingdom - NFK Norfolk - England

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1828Blackburn Barnabus



United Kingdom - NTH Northamptonshire - Barby

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1804Curtis James



United Kingdom - NTH Northamptonshire - Flore

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1908Bottrill Florence Mary



United Kingdom - NTH Northamptonshire - Northampton

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth22 OCT 1849Lovell Emma
Birth23 MAR 1851Lovell Mary
Birth3 FEB 1853Lovell William Arthur
Birth26 NOV 1854Lovell Sarah Jane
Birth20 DEC 1856Lovell Ellen
Birth8 OCT 1859Lovell Nellie Martin
Birth25 JAN 1861Lovell Annie Elizabeth
Birth4 APR 1867Lovell Percy
Birth13 JUN 1870Lovell William
Birth1 MAY 1895Lovell John Wilfred
Birth27 FEB 1896Sheffield John
Birth17 JAN 1897Lovell Joseph
Birth14 MAY 1902Lovell Jennie Marion
Birth29 JUN 1904Lovell Arthur
Birth25 MAY 1920Lovell Kathleen Marion
Birth5 OCT 1967Carlo Simon John
Death26 FEB 1976Basford Mabel Mary
Death6 MAY 1977Jones Trevor John



United Kingdom - SAL Shropshire - England

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1882Evans Alice Fanny



United Kingdom - SOM Somerset

Event TypeDateIndividual
BirthAbt 1655Unknown Elizabeth
BirthAbt 1690Unknown Jane
BirthAbt 1712Unknown Grace
BirthAbt 1770Wilton Jane
Birth1781Plucknett James
BirthAbt 1809Hockey Parmenus
Birth1829Minchington William
Birth1831Minchington James
Birth1834Minchington Ann
Birth1837Minchington Daniel
Marriage1843Bishop Jonas with Plucknett Isabella
Death1868Smart Uri
BirthAbt 1870Holcombe Unknown
BirthAbt 1899Hookey Unknown
Marriage1903Holcombe Unknown with Phillips Kate



United Kingdom - SOM Somerset - Alvington

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1853Warr Sarah Jane



United Kingdom - SOM Somerset - Ashington, England

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1848Minchington Sarah



United Kingdom - SOM Somerset - Ashington

Event TypeDateIndividual
BirthAbt 1801Hodder George
Baptism6 JUN 1802Hodder George
Baptism2 SEP 1804Hodder Honor
Baptism15 FEB 1807Hodder Simeon
Baptism16 JUL 1809Hodder Susanna



United Kingdom - SOM Somerset - Bayford

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1811Hockey Isabella



United Kingdom - SOM Somerset - Brympton?

Event TypeDateIndividual
BirthAbt 1859Dade Lucy



United Kingdom - SOM Somerset - Chard Registry

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage29 JUL 1939Guppy Clifford with Eglon Dorothy Maud



United Kingdom - SOM Somerset - Chard

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage24 JUL 1882Beer Arthur with Hoare Alice Sophia
BirthDEC 1891Phippen Edwin
MarriageDEC 1892Phippen Edwin with Phillips Annie
BirthSEP 1904Phippen Albert Ernest S
BirthSEP 1904Phippen Edith
MarriageJUN 1914Gould Unknown with Phippen Freda Anna
MarriageSEP 1919Hookey Unknown with Phippen Mabel Jane
MarriageDEC 1919Phippen Thomas with White Unknown



United Kingdom - SOM Somerset - Compton Dundon

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage7 DEC 1761Hurd James with Barge Anne
Marriage14 DEC 1761Barge Joseph with Gooden Mary
Marriage6 FEB 1769Bartlett John with Barge Mary
Marriage1 JAN 1770Barge Henry with Hurd Ann
Marriage1 NOV 1773Godfry Joseph (Jnr) with Gooden Mary
Birth21 APR 1790Barge John



United Kingdom - SOM Somerset - Compton Pauncefort

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1858Fort Maria



United Kingdom - SOM Somerset - Corton Denham

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1794Ryall Richard
Birth1799Smart Uri
Birth1822Ryall Charlotte
Birth1835Ryall Thomas
Birth1837Ryall Maria



United Kingdom - SOM Somerset - Dade Household, Yeovil, Canton Household St Martins in the Field

Event TypeDateIndividual
Census?Barge Sarah Ann



United Kingdom - SOM Somerset - Draycott

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1838Minchington Adelaide Victoria



United Kingdom - SOM Somerset - East Coker

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1822Hamblin Elizabeth
Marriage25 DEC 1842Minchington Henry with Hamblin Elizabeth



United Kingdom - SOM Somerset - Forton Chard

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth19 OCT 1872Phippen Edwin



United Kingdom - SOM Somerset - Glastonbury

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1876Unknown Elizabeth



United Kingdom - SOM Somerset - Ilchester

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1792Unknown Mary
Birth1863Hodder Mary J



United Kingdom - SOM Somerset - Ilminster

Event TypeDateIndividual
BirthSEP 1873Sparks Frederick William G
MarriageSEP 1898Sparks Frederick William G with Unknown
Birth14 OCT 1898Sparks Emily
MarriageDEC 1919Phippen Frederick James with Sparks Emily
Birth9 AUG 1921Phippen Edgar Frederick



United Kingdom - SOM Somerset - Kimpton

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1842Bishop Susannah



United Kingdom - SOM Somerset - Limington, England

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1864Minchington Henry James



United Kingdom - SOM Somerset - Limington

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1833Field Jane
Birth1859Hodder George
Birth1859Hodder Lucy



United Kingdom - SOM Somerset - Milborne Port

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth4 MAR 1860Barge William Henry
Birth1864Abbott Caroline Kate



United Kingdom - SOM Somerset - Milborne Wick.

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1900Minchington Albert E



United Kingdom - SOM Somerset - Montacute

Event TypeDateIndividual
BirthAbt 1654Hockey Edmond
BirthAbt 1688Hockey Thomas
Birth1716Hockey Ann
Birth1720Hockey Edmond
Birth1725Hockey Jane
BirthAbt 1738Chant Susannah
Death1739Hockey Thomas
Birth1741Hockey John
Birth1742Hockey Thomas
Birth1745Hockey James
Birth16 DEC 1750Hockey Luke
Death1754Hockey James
Birth1755Hockey Grace
BirthAbt 1766Hockey William
BirthAbt 1770Bool Catherine
Birth1770Hockey James
BirthAbt 1773Hockey Luke
Marriage1779Bool Benjamin with Hockey Grace
BirthAbt 1780Hockey Absalom
BirthAbt 1785Gillingham Mary
Death1788Chant Susannah
Birth1796Hockey Jesse
BirthAbt 1800Hockey Absalom
BirthAbt 1803Hockey John
BirthAbt 1803Hockey Tiras
BirthAbt 1805Lovell Mary
BirthAbt 1811Hockey Tamer
BirthAbt 1815Hockey Jane Gillingham
Death4 MAY 1817Hockey William
BirthAbt 1818Hockey Mark
Death9 JUL 1824Hockey Luke
BirthAbt 1824Hockey Samuel
Birth1825Hockey Frances
BirthAbt 1826Hockey Enos
BirthAbt 1829Hockey Charles
BirthAbt 1834Hockey George



United Kingdom - SOM Somerset - Mudford Street, Mudford

Event TypeDateIndividual
Census1841Minchington Daniel



United Kingdom - SOM Somerset - Mudford, England

Event TypeDateIndividual
BirthAbt 1821Minchington Henry
Birth1844Minchington Mary
Birth1846Minchington Emily
Birth1850Minchington Rosannah
Birth1851Minchington Charles
Death23 SEP 1869Minchington Henry



United Kingdom - SOM Somerset - Mudford

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1781Minchington Mary
Birth1787Minchington John
Birth1796Rowe Jane
Birth1822Minchington Ann
Birth1825Minchington Hannah
Death1826Minchington Ann
Death1827Minchington Hannah
Birth1827Minchington Thomas
Birth1828Hodder Sarah
Birth1828Minchington Mark
Birth1833Hodder Sydenham
Birth1838Hodder George
Birth1867Hodder Mary Jane

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