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United Kingdom - Lambeth, England

Event TypeDateIndividual
BirthAbt 1854Stables Benjamin Samuel
Birth11 FEB 1888Stables Florence Amelia



United Kingdom - Leicester, England

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1912Barge Rose E



United Kingdom - Marnhull, England

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1915Hatcher Bessie Lilian



United Kingdom - North Wooton, England

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1828Lane William
Birth1831Plumley William
Birth1873Plumley Samuel
Birth1876Plumley George



United Kingdom - Shoreditch, England

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1831Newton Mary



United Kingdom - Strand, England

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage1874Stables Benjamin Samuel with Thornett Harriett



United Kingdom - Wells, England

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage1850Lane William with Plumley Mercy



United Kingdom - West Pennard, England

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1898Plumley Winifred



United Kingdom - Worminster, England

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1833Plumley Mercy
Birth1835Plumley Emma



United Kingdom - Yeovil, England

Event TypeDateIndividual
BirthAbt 1883Barge Ellen Augusta
DeathAbt 1883Barge Ellen Augusta
BirthAbt 1884Barge William Henry
DeathAbt 1884Barge William Henry



United Kingdom - AYR Ayrshire - Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1836Jackson Jane
Marriage2 AUG 1855Bell John with Jackson Jane



United Kingdom - AYR Ayrshire - Dalyrymple, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth12 FEB 1856Bell Elizabeth Muirhead



United Kingdom - AYR Ayrshire - Kirkoswald

Event TypeDateIndividual
BirthAbt 1832Pollock Matthew



United Kingdom - AYR Ayrshire - Maybole, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth24 DEC 1857Bell John Jackson



United Kingdom - AYR Ayrshire - Newark Mains

Event TypeDateIndividual
Census1851Pollock Matthew



United Kingdom - CON Cornwall - England

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1847Phillips Eliza Jane
BirthAbt 1850Williams Druscilla



United Kingdom - CON Cornwall - Liskeard

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth26 FEB 1925A'Lee Frederick John Henry



United Kingdom - CON Cornwall - Madron, England

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1856Nicholls William Andrew



United Kingdom - DBY Derbyshire - West Derby, England

Event TypeDateIndividual
Death1885Phillips Enos



United Kingdom - DEV Devon

Event TypeDateIndividual
BirthAbt 1900White Unknown
BirthAbt 1901Warren Unknown
Marriage1933Phippen Charles Edwin with Warren Unknown



United Kingdom - DEV Devon - Axminster

Event TypeDateIndividual
BirthMAR 1897Phippen Thomas
BirthJUN 1899Phippen Mabel Jane
BirthSEP 1901Phippen Charles Edwin



United Kingdom - DEV Devon - Dallwood

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1847Newbery Jonathon T



United Kingdom - DEV Devon - Evershot

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1816Unknown Susannah



United Kingdom - DEV Devon - Ottery, St Mary

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1825Unknown Annie



United Kingdom - DEV Devon - Plymouth

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1854Dolton George J



United Kingdom - DEV Devon - Stockland

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1845Newbery Joshua H
Birth1850Newbery Jesse



United Kingdom - DEV Devon - Tiverton

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth26 AUG 1927Wright Barbara Elizabeth
Birth1949A'Lee David James
Death1949A'Lee David James
MarriageJUN 1952Phippen Private with Wright Barbara Elizabeth
Marriage15 DEC 1952Phippen Edgar Frederick with Billington Private
Death1960Sparks Frederick William G
Death26 JUN 1966Phippen Frederick James
Death18 MAR 1987A'Lee Frederick John Henry
Death2 DEC 1993Phippen Edgar Frederick
Death3 JUL 1996Wright Barbara Elizabeth
Death27 SEP 2005Sparks Emily



United Kingdom - DOR Dorset

Event TypeDateIndividual
BirthAbt 1778Bow Thomas
Birth1812Notely John
Birth1815Bow Thomas
Birth1817Bow Ann
Birth1821Bow Sarah
BirthAbt 1823Gerrard George
Marriage1842Gerrard George with Barge Susan
Death1842Unknown Ann
Death1846Bow Thomas
Death1850Barge Deborah



United Kingdom - DOR Dorset - England

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1854Genge Charles Wesley



United Kingdom - DOR Dorset - Batcombe

Event TypeDateIndividual
BirthAbt 1843Isaacs John
Birth1864Isaacs Jane
Birth1865Isaacs Mary Fanny
Birth1895Minchington William H
Birth1898Minchington Alfred F G



United Kingdom - DOR Dorset - Beaminster

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage1850Barge Joseph with Groves Louisa



United Kingdom - DOR Dorset - Beer Hackett

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1873Notely Francis W
Birth1876Notely Alice E
Birth1878Notely Henry J



United Kingdom - DOR Dorset - Bridport

Event TypeDateIndividual
Baptism15 AUG 1797Turner Ann



United Kingdom - DOR Dorset - Broadwinsor

Event TypeDateIndividual
BirthAbt 1840Larcombe Jane



United Kingdom - DOR Dorset - Buckland Newton, England

Event TypeDateIndividual
Baptism12 OCT 1783Dunning Ann
Birth1783Dunning Ann
Baptism17 AUG 1794Guppy James
Birth1794Guppy James
Marriage24 MAY 1821Guppy James with Dunning Ann



United Kingdom - DOR Dorset - Chetmole

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1891Minchington Charlotte



United Kingdom - DOR Dorset - Chideock

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth20 MAR 1796Turner Ann



United Kingdom - DOR Dorset - Dorchester, England

Event TypeDateIndividual
Death31 MAR 1886Dunning Ann
Death1906Minchington Henry James



United Kingdom - DOR Dorset - Dorchester

Event TypeDateIndividual
Death?Barge Alfred
Marriage25 JUN 1793Guppy Thomas with Ryall Priscilla
Death1866Seal Jemima
Marriage1888Minchington Henry James with Isaacs Mary Fanny



United Kingdom - DOR Dorset - Evershot

Event TypeDateIndividual
BirthAbt 1768Miles John
Birth1847Miles Mary
Birth1849Miles Ann



United Kingdom - DOR Dorset - Halstock, England

Event TypeDateIndividual
BirthAbt 1709Guppy Samuel
BirthAbt 1713Moore Elizabeth
Baptism17 SEP 1738Guppy Elizabeth
Birth1738Guppy Elizabeth
Baptism21 NOV 1745Guppy Samuel
Birth1745Guppy Samuel
Baptism8 APR 1751Guppy Thomas
Birth1751Guppy Thomas
BirthAbt 1753Guppy Ann
Marriage19 MAY 1761Hill Samson with Guppy Elizabeth
Marriage26 APR 1763Hodges James with Guppy Ann
DeathAbt 1768Guppy Samuel



United Kingdom - DOR Dorset - Halstock

Event TypeDateIndividual
Baptism?Barge Charlotte
Baptism3 JUN 1674Barge Roger
Baptism13 MAY 1696Barge Joseph
Baptism29 AUG 1725Barge John
Baptism29 OCT 1727Barge Joseph
Baptism12 JAN 1729Barge Anne
Baptism27 FEB 1732Barge Roger
Baptism19 MAR 1735Barge Mary
Baptism26 DEC 1735Guppy John
Birth1735Guppy John
Baptism29 DEC 1738Barge Thomas Henry
Baptism7 MAR 1741Barge Henry
Death22 MAR 1741Barge Henry
BirthAbt 1741Guppy Temperence
Baptism8 JAN 1744Barge Julian
Baptism5 JAN 1746Barge Henry
Death8 JUL 1750Barge Julian
Death19 AUG 1750Barge Thomas Henry
BirthAbt 1758Hamblin Elizabeth
Baptism1 NOV 1763Guppy Mary
Death5 JUN 1764Barge Joseph
BirthAbt 1764Barge John
BirthAbt 1764Warr Richard
Baptism12 FEB 1765Guppy Henrietta Maria
Death30 DEC 1766Barge Joseph
Baptism22 MAR 1767Guppy Moses
Baptism15 JAN 1769Guppy John
Marriage14 MAY 1770White Elias with Barge Anne
Baptism28 NOV 1770Guppy Elizabeth
Birth18 NOV 1772Guppy Henry
Baptism13 JAN 1773Guppy Henry
Birth7 MAR 1774Guppy Fanny
Baptism27 MAY 1774Guppy Fanny
Baptism12 MAY 1776Guppy Thomas
Death31 JAN 1778Guppy Julian
Birth23 APR 1778Guppy Susanna
Baptism26 MAY 1778Guppy Susanna
Birth20 SEP 1781Guppy Alice
Baptism4 OCT 1781Guppy Alice
Marriage3 FEB 1784Barge John with Guppy Mary
Birth1 AUG 1784Guppy Joseph
Baptism21 NOV 1784Barge Joseph
Death2 DEC 1784Barge Roger
Baptism23 MAY 1790Barge John
Marriage31 OCT 1791Warr Richard with Hamblin Elizabeth
Death21 SEP 1792Barge Henry
Birth20 APR 1794Warr Richard
Death13 APR 1795Barge Anne
Birth14 SEP 1795Warr Charles
Birth1796Unknown Mary Ann
Birth20 MAY 1797Warr Anne
Death1797White Elias
Baptism16 DEC 1798Warr Anne
Baptism19 MAY 1800Warr Charles
Baptism19 MAY 1800Warr Richard
Death16 OCT 1802Warr Anne
Birth27 SEP 1804Warr Martha
Baptism6 NOV 1804Warr Martha
Death19 AUG 1807Barge John
Burial22 AUG 1807Barge John
Marriage7 AUG 1817Barge John with Turner Ann
MarriageAbt 1817Warr Charles with Unknown Hannah
MarriageAbt 1817Warr Richard with Unknown Mary Ann
Baptism11 FEB 1818Warr Sarah
Baptism9 JUN 1818Barge Susan
Baptism27 DEC 1818Warr Charles
Baptism28 MAR 1819Barge John
Baptism11 FEB 1821Barge Joseph
Birth1821Warr Ann
Baptism23 JUN 1822Barge Henry
Baptism1 DEC 1822Warr Jane
Baptism2 NOV 1823Barge Thomas
Baptism30 OCT 1825Warr John
BirthAbt 1825Groves Louisa
Baptism16 APR 1826Barge Ann Turner
Marriage30 MAY 1827Barge Joseph with Warr Martha
Baptism8 MAR 1828Warr William
Baptism30 OCT 1828Barge Mary
Death11 NOV 1828Barge Mary
Baptism2 NOV 1829Warr Alfred
Baptism15 AUG 1830Warr Charles
Baptism14 MAR 1831Barge Samuel
Baptism4 JAN 1833Barge Joseph
Baptism29 MAY 1833Warr Richard
Baptism3 NOV 1834Barge Benjamin
Baptism25 DEC 1837Barge Mary
Baptism6 NOV 1838Warr Jonas
Burial1 FEB 1839Hamblin Elizabeth
Birth1839Warr Francis
Baptism30 MAY 1841Barge John
Burial18 JUL 1841Warr Jonas
Birth1841Barge John
Marriage17 MAY 1842Barge John with Bow Sarah
Burial26 OCT 1842Warr Richard
DeathAbt 1842Warr Charles
Baptism15 APR 1845Barge Sarah Ann
Birth1845Barge Sarah Ann
Burial26 MAR 1846Warr Alfred
Baptism7 JUN 1846Barge Deborah
BirthFEB 1850Barge Lot
BirthJAN 1851Barge Alfred
Baptism16 MAR 1851Barge Alfred
Baptism31 JUL 1856Barge Tom
Birth1856Barge Tom
Burial31 JUL 1868Warr Richard
Death6 SEP 1873Turner Ann
Death18 DEC 1876Barge John
Birth1889Minchington Christian (Temperance)

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