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United Kingdom - DOR Dorset - Hawkchurch

Event TypeDateIndividual
BirthAbt 1824Way Ann



United Kingdom - DOR Dorset - Helfield

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1869Isaacs Christian Jane



United Kingdom - DOR Dorset - Holywell

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1893Minchington Lily Beatrice T



United Kingdom - DOR Dorset - Leigh

Event TypeDateIndividual
BirthAbt 1789Hunt Thomas
BirthAbt 1815Hunt Martha
Birth1842Miles Frances
Birth1843Miles William
Birth1872Isaacs Elizabeth Kate
Birth1874Isaacs George Thomas
Birth1876Isaacs William James
Birth1878Isaacs Temperance
Birth1879Notely Florence M
Birth1880Isaacs Frederick John
Birth1885Notely Augusta
Birth1890Notely Albert C



United Kingdom - DOR Dorset - Longburton

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1852Foot Dorcas Jane



United Kingdom - DOR Dorset - Lyme Regis

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1876Newbery Florence Emily
Birth1878Newbery Frederick
Birth1880Newbery Albert George



United Kingdom - DOR Dorset - Parish Church, Hawkchurch

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage15 AUG 1841Spurdle Samuel with Way Ann



United Kingdom - DOR Dorset - Poole

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1868Notely Eliza
Birth1870Notely John



United Kingdom - DOR Dorset - Pulham

Event TypeDateIndividual
BirthAbt 1847Unknown Kitty
Birth1867Isaacs Joseph Charles



United Kingdom - DOR Dorset - Rampisham

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1833Bartlett Leah



United Kingdom - DOR Dorset - Sherborne

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage2 NOV 1724Barge Joseph with Guppy Julian
Marriage23 JUL 1820Ryall Richard with Smart Uri
Birth1838Bishop William
Marriage1840Miles John with Hunt Martha
Marriage1852Warr Richard with Bishop Sarah
Baptism3 JUN 1855Warr Charles
Birth1855Warr Charles
Birth1856Bishop Mary J
Birth1857Warr John
Baptism3 JAN 1858Warr Caroline
Baptism3 JAN 1858Warr John
Death1 MAR 1858Warr Caroline
Birth1860Warr Walter
Birth1862Warr Elizabeth
Baptism30 SEP 1863Warr Ellen Francis
Birth20 AUG 1864Warr Ellen Francis
Baptism5 NOV 1865Warr William Henry
Birth1865Warr William Henry
BirthAUG 1868Warr Frederick
Death27 APR 1869Warr Frederick
MarriageOCT 1869Notely John with Miles Ann
Baptism4 DEC 1870Warr Flora Mary
Birth1870Warr Flora Mary
Marriage1875Warr Charles with Foot Dorcas Jane
Birth1884Warr Mabel
Marriage19 NOV 1885Isaacs Asher John with Warr Elizabeth
Birth1887Warr Hilda
Birth1887Warr Kate E D
Birth1889Warr Reginald R
Birth1892Warr Leonard W
Death1908Bishop Israel
Death1908Isaacs Asher John
Birth1910Scammel Sidney
Death4 NOV 1967Blackburn Lillian Florence



United Kingdom - DOR Dorset - Stourton Caundle

Event TypeDateIndividual
BirthAbt 1784Unknown Ann



United Kingdom - DOR Dorset - Sturminster Newton, England

Event TypeDateIndividual
Baptism11 NOV 1770Ryall Priscilla
Birth1770Ryall Priscilla



United Kingdom - DOR Dorset - Synderford, Thorncombe

Event TypeDateIndividual
Baptism13 NOV 1850Phillips Elizabeth
Baptism8 APR 1852Phillips John
Baptism14 FEB 1854Phillips Jessey



United Kingdom - DOR Dorset - Thorncombe, England

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1794Swaffield Sarah
Birth1811Phillips William Swaffield
Birth1814Phillips Enos
Birth1818Dean Thomas
Birth1818Phillips Tamar
Birth1820Phillips Arthur
Birth1823Phillips Methuselah
Death1824Phillips William Swaffield
Birth1826Wellman Ruth
Birth1827Phillips Ruth
Birth1831Phillips Emanuel
Marriage21 JUL 1833Phillips Enos with Stevens Mary Ann
Marriage25 DEC 1839Dean Thomas with Phillips Tamar
Marriage1850Phillips Methuselah with Wellman Ruth
Death1858Swaffield Sarah
Death1893Phillips Methuselah
Death1903Phillips Ruth
Death1903Wellman Ruth
Death1908Phillips Emanuel
Death1916Swaffield Mary



United Kingdom - DOR Dorset - Thorncombe

Event TypeDateIndividual
Baptism4 APR 1762Phillips William
Marriage12 OCT 1786Phillips William with Pearce Elizabeth
Birth28 SEP 1788Phillips John
Baptism20 DEC 1788Phillips Elizabeth
Baptism20 DEC 1788Phillips John
Baptism12 JAN 1791Phillips William
Birth1791Phillips William
Baptism4 NOV 1792Phillips Samuel
Death10 SEP 1794Phillips Samuel
Baptism14 SEP 1794Phillips Mary
Burial20 SEP 1794Phillips Samuel
Baptism30 JUN 1799Phillips Samuel
Baptism8 JAN 1801Phillips Ann Pearce
Baptism8 JAN 1801Phillips Thomas Pearce
Death15 AUG 1809Phillips William
Burial18 AUG 1809Phillips William
Marriage25 DEC 1810Phillips William with Swaffield Sarah
Baptism24 FEB 1811Phillips Kitty Berry
BirthAbt 1825Phillips Augusta
Baptism3 SEP 1826Phillips William
Baptism24 APR 1829Phillips Susan Mary
Birth1834Phillips George
Birth21 FEB 1836Phillips Charles
Burial11 NOV 1836Pearce Elizabeth
Birth1838Phillips Eliza Mary
Birth1839Dean Druscilla
Birth1841Phillips Thomas
Birth1842Dean Harriett
Birth1843Dean Lousia
Birth1843Phillips Mary Ann
Birth1845Phillips Enos
Birth1846Dean Emily
Birth1847Dean Samuel
Baptism12 NOV 1848Phillips Susan Mary
Birth1849Dean Julia Anna
Birth1849Phillips Jane
Death1851Phillips Champ
Birth1851Newbery Caroline Sarah J
Birth1851Phillips Champ
Birth1852Dean Tom Frederick
Birth1852Phillips Vashti Ellen
Marriage4 JUL 1853Barge Joseph with Phillips Augusta
Birth1853Phillips Rose Ellen
Baptism8 OCT 1854Barge Ellen Ruth
Birth1854Newbery Francis W
Birth1854Phillips Emily
Burial20 FEB 1855Phillips John
Birth1856Dean Reuben
Birth1858Newbery Frederick Jessie
Birth1858Phillips Albert
Death27 JUL 1859Phillips William
Marriage28 JUL 1859Phillips Charles with Larcombe Jane
Birth1859Phillips Alfred
Birth1859Phillips James
Death1860Phillips James
Marriage1860Phillips George with Hawker Mary Ann
Birth1860Newbery Eva Annie
Birth1860Phillips Anna
Birth1862Phillips Thomas
Birth1863Newbery Susan M
Birth1863Cook Emily A
Birth1863Phillips Louisa
Birth1864Phillips Anna
Birth1864Phillips Tom James
Birth1864Phillips Eliza
Birth1865Newbery Andrew C
Birth1867Phillips Mary Ellen
Birth1868Cook George
Birth1868Phillips Sarah
Marriage1870Phillips Enos with Unknown Louisa
Birth1870Phillips Fred
Birth1871Phillips Emily Ellen
Birth1871Cook Tom
Birth1871Phillips Julia Ann
Birth1871Dean Edwin
Marriage1871Newbery Francis W with Phillips Jane
Birth1872Newbery William Charles
Birth1872Cook Sydney William
Birth1872Phillips James
Birth1873Newbery Frederick James
Birth1874Dean Frederick Samuel
Birth1874Cook James
Birth1874Phillips Emily Ellen
Death1874Phillips Emily Ellen
Birth1875Cook Ellen
Birth1875Newbery John Edwin
Birth1875Phillips Herbert George
Birth1876Phillips William
Birth1878Cook Fred
Birth1878Phillips Edward Henry
Birth1879Phillips John
Birth1880Phillips Elsie Emily
Birth1880Cook Louisa
Birth1880Phillips Louisa
Birth1881Phillips Frank
Birth1882Cook Albert
Birth1883Phillips Albert Allen
Birth1885Phillips Gertrude Annie
Death1891Phillips Mary Ellen
Marriage1892Stevens Frank with Phillips Anna
Birth1893Stevens Nellie
Marriage1894Phillips Tom James with Vincent Elizabeth
Birth1898Stevens Sarah
Death1901Phillips Enos
Death1914Phillips George



United Kingdom - DOR Dorset - Uplyme

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1816Newbery William



United Kingdom - DOR Dorset - Weymouth

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1820Seal Charles
Marriage1853Seal Charles with Plucknett Clarissa



United Kingdom - GLA Glamorgan

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage1893Phillips James with Brown Florence Nightingale



United Kingdom - GLA Glamorgan - Swansea, Wales

Event TypeDateIndividual
Death1892Minchington Daniel



United Kingdom - GLA Glamorgan - Union Workhouse, Swansea, Wales

Event TypeDateIndividual
Census1891Minchington Daniel



United Kingdom - GLS Gloucestershire - Bristol

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1881Warr Herbert Charles



United Kingdom - GLS Gloucestershire - Cheltenham

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1833Pearls Mary Ann
Birth1867Isaacs Emily



United Kingdom - HAM Hampshire - Fordingbridge

Event TypeDateIndividual
Death1842Bishop Elizabeth
Birth1842Rossiter John



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - England

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1829Penn Ann



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Aldershot

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth17 DEC 1868Ferguson Frederick Louis



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Beneden

Event TypeDateIndividual
Baptism1 APR 1832Butler Charlotte



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Bethersden

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth17 OCT 1821Norley Thomas



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Crayford

Event TypeDateIndividual
BirthAbt 1846Anstead Mary Ann
Birth1866Anstead Mary Ann
Birth1878Dicker Annie Elizabeth
Birth1881Dicker Walter
Birth1884Dicker Eliza Jane
Birth1886Dicker Lillian Maud
Birth1890Dicker Rosetta
Marriage1892Owen James with Anstead Mary Ann
Marriage1899Barge Joseph Henry with Dicker Annie Elizabeth
Birth1900Barge William Henry
Birth1902Barge Henry Thomas
Birth1904Barge Walter Arthur
Birth1907Barge Annie Frances M
Birth1910Barge Lillian Mary
Birth27 JUL 1914Barge Violet Dorothy
Birth1917Barge John
Birth1921Barge Cyril
Death1921Barge John
Marriage1927Barge Henry Thomas with Keeble Unknown
Marriage1930Blundell Charlie with Barge Annie Frances M
Marriage1934Jenkins Alec with Barge Lillian Mary
Death1936Barge Joseph Henry
Marriage1936Barge William Henry with Griffiths Rose E
MarriageAPR 1946Newport Philip Charles with Barge Violet Dorothy

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