ParentsLindsey Forrest
Lehigh Irene M
 Lindsey Ida M
Outtrim George E
ChildrenOuttrim William
Outtrim Edward
Outtrim Frank
Outtrim Ely G


 Linwood Charles
Outtrim Beryl
ChildrenLinwood John Meredith


GrandparentsOuttrim Cecil Litchfield
Collins Vera Bain
ParentsLinwood Charles
Outtrim Beryl
 Linwood John Meredith


ParentsLitchfield Henry William
Unknown Johanna
 Litchfield Frances Caroline
Outtrim Francis Leon
ChildrenOuttrim Cecil Litchfield


GrandparentsOuttrim William Stephenson
Stevenson Margaret Alice
 MacDougall Andrew James


 Maeers David
Ebdon Ann
ChildrenMaeers Ellen


ParentsMaeers David
Ebdon Ann
 Maeers Ellen
Outtrim William Charles Stephenson
ChildrenOuttrim William James
Outtrim Frederick Horace
Outtrim James Wellington
Outtrim Sidney Herbert
Outtrim Ellen Rosa
Outtrim Marquis Collingwood


ParentsMasters William Henry
Gilbert Clara Harriet
 Masters Mary Ann
Outtrim Arthur Daniel
ChildrenOuttrim Jessie Clara
Outtrim Amy Elizabeth May
Outtrim Arthur Frederick
Outtrim Albert Edward
Outtrim William Arthur
Outtrim Frederick
Outtrim Helena Rosene
Outtrim Alexander Henry
Outtrim Olive Mary


 Masters William Henry
Gilbert Clara Harriet
ChildrenMasters Mary Ann


 McCarty Margaret
Outtrim Frederick Benjamin
ChildrenOuttrim Arthur Frederick
Outtrim Elizabeth E
Outtrim Helena Caroline
Outtrim James William
Outtrim Ernest E B
Outtrim Edward E
Outtrim Jessie E


 McLachlan Joyce Catherine
Outtrim Nolan Alfred


 McMicken Anne
Outtrim James Wellington
ChildrenOuttrim James William


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