GrandparentsOuttrim James Wellington
McMicken Anne
Wood William James
Tippett Mary Jane
ParentsOuttrim James William
Wood Ethel May
 Outtrim Verna May


GrandparentsOuttrim William Charles Stephenson
Maeers Ellen
Watchorn Robert
Foster Mary
ParentsOuttrim Frederick Horace
Watchorn Amelia Caroline
 Outtrim Violet


GrandparentsOuttrim George E
Lindsey Ida M
Carpenter Abram Levi
Jay Diana J
ParentsOuttrim William
Carpenter Clara Clarica
 Outtrim Ward Abraham
Felder Alice June
ChildrenOuttrim William James
Outtrim George Ela
Outtrim Andrew Ward


GrandparentsOuttrim James
Carroll Jane
Lindsey Forrest
Lehigh Irene M
ParentsOuttrim George E
Lindsey Ida M
 Outtrim William
Carpenter Clara Clarica
ChildrenOuttrim Gladys Gertrude
Outtrim Dorothy M
Outtrim Ward Abraham
Outtrim James Ela


GrandparentsOutram Job
Unknown Mary
ParentsOutram Isaac
Bignal Sarah
 Outtrim William
ChildrenOuttrim Mary


GrandparentsOuttrim John
Tamplin Ann
Outtrim Isaac
King Sarah
ParentsOuttrim William
Outtrim Esther
 Outtrim William
Denham Rebecca Frances
ChildrenOuttrim Rosina Frances


GrandparentsOuttrim Thomas
Wood Ann
Tamplin Elias
Brookes Elizabeth
ParentsOuttrim John
Tamplin Ann
 Outtrim William
Outtrim Esther
ChildrenOuttrim Sarah
Outtrim William
Outtrim Frank
Outtrim George


GrandparentsOutram Isaac
Bignal Sarah
Quittenton Charles
ParentsOuttrim John
Quittenton Hannah
 Outtrim William


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