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United Kingdom - MDX Middlesex - Spitalfields, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1838Savage John Foster
Birth1849Savage Elizabeth



United Kingdom - MDX Middlesex - St Johns, Bethnal Green, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage17 FEB 1877Peneycad John with Savage Hannah



United Kingdom - NBL Northumberland - Ellingham, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
BirthAbt 1787Hardingham Henry
BirthAbt 1791Unknown Alice



United Kingdom - NBL Northumberland - Elllingham

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
BirthAbt 1813Hardingham Henry



United Kingdom - NFK Norfolk

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
BirthAbt 1855Grimmer George



United Kingdom - NTH Northamptonshire - Caldecote, Towcester, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death?Webb John



United Kingdom - RFW Renfrewshire - Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1830Leckie Grace



United Kingdom - SOM Somerset - Shapwick, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Baptism29 DEC 1833Franks Sarah
Birth1833Franks Sarah



United Kingdom - SOM Somerset - Taunton, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1835Tutcher Mary Lavinia
Birth1852Tutcher Jane Lavania



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1687Outram Isaac
Birth1689Outram Jacob
Birth1692Outram Daniell
Birth1694Outram Joseph
Birth1696Outram Thomas
Birth1698Outram Job
Birth1700Outram David
Birth1702Outram Mary
Birth1704Outram Sarah
Birth1731Outram Isaac
Birth1732Outram Mary
Birth1733Outram Sarah
Birth1735Outram Elizabeth
Birth1735Outram Mary
Birth1737Outram Alicia
Birth1738Outram Thomas
BirthAbt 1740Bignal Sarah
Birth1740Outram Martha
Birth1742Outram David
Birth1744Outram Ann
Birth1747Outram Ester
DeathAbt 1795Outtrim John
MarriageAbt 1811Outtrim Isaac with King Sarah
Birth1812Outtrim Thomas
Birth1814Outtrim William
Birth1816Outtrim John
Birth1819Outtrim Caroline
Birth1821Outtrim Anne
Birth1824Outtrim Esther
Birth1826Outtrim George
Birth1829Outtrim Isaac
Birth1831Outtrim Daniel
Birth1836Outtrim Henry
Birth1837Outtrim Mary Ann
Birth1839Outtrim Sophy
DeathAbt 1841Outtrim Henry
Marriage1884Outtrim George with Cowlard Mary Ann



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - 30 Major Rd Bermondsey

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census?Outtrim William James



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Bermondsey, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth23 AUG 1854Outtrim William James
Birth6 NOV 1855Outtrim Frederick Horace
Birth12 AUG 1857Outtrim James Wellington
Birth10 JUL 1860Outtrim Sidney Herbert



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Blackfriars, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth15 NOV 1852Outtrim James John



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Burstow, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
BirthAbt 1792Tingley Sarah
Death9 APR 1835Steer William



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Carpenter & Joiner 30 Major Rd Bermondsey

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881Outtrim Frederick Horace



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Cobham, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
BirthAbt 1713Steer William



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Crowhurst, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Baptism2 FEB 1767Weller Deborah
Birth1767Weller Deborah
Death1 NOV 1806Steer John
Death8 OCT 1826Steer Ann



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Croydon, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage1730Outram Job with Unknown Mary
Death1758Outram Jacob
Marriage16 MAY 1841Duffell Richard with Gutsell Mary



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Croydon

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage1730Outram Jacob with Unknown Mary



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Edenbridge, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
BirthAbt 1756Tamplin Elias



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Godstone, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage15 OCT 1770Steer John with Watford Susannah
Baptism30 SEP 1771Steer Ann
Birth1771Steer Ann
Marriage13 NOV 1804Tamplin Elias with Outtrim Mary Ann
Marriage11 AUG 1805Outtrim John with Tamplin Ann
Marriage13 NOV 1809Steer Israel with Loveland Frances
Death1858Tamplin Charles
Death1884Tamplin James



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - House keeper 30 Major Rd Bermondsey

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881Outtrim Ellen Rosa



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Kings Cross, London

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1882Outtrim Frederick James



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Kingston on Thames, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1786Peneycad John



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Limpsfield, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Baptism17 OCT 1687Outram Isaac
Baptism19 OCT 1689Outram Jacob
Baptism18 APR 1692Outram Daniell
Baptism15 APR 1694Outram Joseph
Baptism1 MAR 1696Outram Thomas
Death2 MAY 1696Outram Joseph
Baptism24 JAN 1698Outram Job
Baptism19 MAY 1700Outram David
Baptism23 AUG 1702Outram Mary
Baptism27 FEB 1704Outram Sarah
Baptism12 MAR 1713Haswell Elizabeth
Birth1713Haswell Elizabeth
Baptism9 JUN 1728Webb John
Birth1728Webb John
Death10 NOV 1730Rowil Catherine
Baptism7 MAY 1731Outram Isaac
Baptism16 DEC 1733Outram Sarah
Baptism23 FEB 1735Outram Elizabeth
Baptism17 AUG 1735Outram Mary
DeathAbt 1736Outram Isaac
Baptism16 JAN 1737Outram Alicia
Baptism29 APR 1739Steer Thomas
Birth1739Steer Thomas
Baptism28 DEC 1740Outram Martha
Baptism2 MAY 1742Outram David
Baptism29 APR 1744Outram Ann
Baptism6 SEP 1747Outram Ester
BirthAbt 1747Loveland John
BirthAbt 1751Steer Elizabeth
Baptism3 FEB 1754Steer William
Birth1754Steer William
Baptism24 AUG 1755Steer Isaac
Birth1755Steer Isaac
Baptism9 FEB 1757Steer Thomas
Birth1757Steer Thomas
Marriage9 FEB 1758Quittenton Charles with Merchant Timothea
Burial20 JUN 1758Outram Martha
DeathJUN 1758Outram Martha
BirthAbt 1758Brookes Elizabeth
Baptism18 FEB 1759Steer Ann
Birth1759Steer Ann
Baptism20 FEB 1760Outtrim Thomas
Birth1760Outtrim Thomas
Baptism25 JAN 1761Steer John
Baptism16 AUG 1761Outtrim Sarah
Birth1761Outtrim Sarah
Birth1761Steer John
Baptism24 JUL 1763Steer Hester
Baptism21 AUG 1763Outtrim Ann
Birth1763Outtrim Ann
Birth1763Steer Hester
Baptism26 MAY 1765Outtrim John
Birth28 SEP 1765Steer George
Baptism6 OCT 1765Steer George
Birth1765Outtrim John
Baptism28 JUN 1767Outtrim Mary
Birth1767Outtrim Mary
Baptism28 FEB 1768Steer Edward
Birth1768Steer Edward
Baptism14 MAY 1769Outtrim William
Death4 AUG 1769Outram Job
Birth1769Outtrim William
Death11 APR 1770Outram Isaac
Birth1770Steer Susannah
Baptism26 JUL 1772Steer Jane
Death21 DEC 1772Chapman Susanah
Birth1772Steer Jane
Baptism22 NOV 1774Steer Mary
Birth1774Steer Mary
Baptism23 FEB 1777Steer Alicia
Birth1777Steer Alicia
BirthAbt 1777Steer Lydia
Baptism10 OCT 1779Steer Edith
Marriage14 NOV 1779Webb John with Outtrim Sarah
Birth1779Steer Edith
Birth25 FEB 1781Webb Bekey
Baptism11 MAR 1781Webb Bekey
Marriage21 JUN 1781Outtrim Thomas with Wood Ann
Marriage5 NOV 1781Loveland John with Steer Ann
Birth21 MAR 1782Outtrim Elizabeth
Baptism31 MAR 1782Outtrim Elizabeth
Burial1 JUN 1782Outram Isaac
DeathJUN 1782Outram Isaac
Birth20 OCT 1782Webb Mary
Baptism3 NOV 1782Webb Mary
Baptism4 APR 1783Outtrim John
Birth6 APR 1783Outtrim John
Birth14 DEC 1783Steer Israel
Baptism11 JAN 1784Steer Israel
Birth11 MAR 1784Webb Esther
Baptism11 APR 1784Webb Esther
Birth20 JUL 1784Outtrim James
Birth2 APR 1786Outtrim Joseph
Birth29 OCT 1786Tamplin Ann
Baptism12 NOV 1786Tamplin Ann
Birth27 MAR 1787Webb John
Baptism8 APR 1787Webb John
Birth18 FEB 1788Outtrim Mary Ann
Baptism2 MAR 1788Outtrim Mary Ann
Burial6 JUL 1788Outtrim Joseph
DeathJUL 1788Outtrim Joseph
Birth3 NOV 1789Outtrim William
Baptism8 NOV 1789Outtrim William
Birth1789Firmiger Hannah
Birth27 APR 1790Loveland Frances
Baptism16 MAY 1790Loveland Frances
Birth11 MAY 1791Webb William
Baptism29 MAY 1791Webb William
Birth6 JAN 1792Outtrim Louisa
Birth15 JAN 1792Outtrim Isaac
Baptism22 JAN 1792Outtrim Louisa
Baptism29 JAN 1792Outtrim Isaac
Death1 JUN 1792Outtrim Louisa
Birth1792King Sarah
Birth9 FEB 1793Outtrim Sarah
Baptism24 FEB 1793Outtrim Sarah
Marriage24 APR 1793Steer John with Steer Ann
Birth10 JUL 1793Outtrim Elizabeth
Baptism21 JUL 1793Outtrim Elizabeth
Birth18 NOV 1793Webb Sarah
Baptism26 JAN 1794Webb Sarah
Birth1 MAR 1794Webb Hannah
Birth11 OCT 1794Outtrim Harriet
Baptism23 NOV 1794Outtrim Harriet
Baptism15 FEB 1795Webb Hannah
Birth12 SEP 1796Outtrim Daniel
Baptism25 SEP 1796Outtrim Daniel
Burial26 DEC 1796Outtrim Daniel
DeathDEC 1796Outtrim Daniel
Birth19 OCT 1797Outtrim Esther
Baptism12 NOV 1797Outtrim Esther
Birth16 MAR 1798Webb Robert
Baptism8 APR 1798Webb Robert
Birth8 NOV 1799Outtrim Daniel
Birth18 DEC 1799Webb James
Baptism5 JAN 1800Webb James
Marriage8 SEP 1800Strudwick Frederick with Steer Jane
Death16 DEC 1801Wood Ann
Burial22 DEC 1801Wood Ann
Marriage10 FEB 1803Hale John with Steer Mary
Birth24 JUN 1803Webb Eliza
Baptism24 JUL 1803Webb Eliza
Birth15 SEP 1806Tamplin James
Marriage12 DEC 1806Outtrim William with Hole Mary
Birth29 SEP 1808Tamplin William
Baptism16 OCT 1808Tamplin William
Birth29 JAN 1810Outtrim Mary
Baptism18 FEB 1810Outtrim Mary
Death8 APR 1810Outtrim William
Burial8 APR 1810Outtrim William
Birth2 JUL 1810Tamplin John
Marriage1810Outtrim Thomas with Steer Susannah
Marriage23 NOV 1811Outtrim William with Firmiger Hannah
Birth11 MAR 1812Tamplin Charles
Birth1812Outtrim James
Death20 JUN 1813Tamplin Elias
Baptism25 SEP 1814Outtrim William
Birth30 MAY 1815Outtrim Edwin
Baptism11 JUN 1815Outtrim Edwin
Death21 APR 1816Tamplin William
Baptism13 OCT 1816Outtrim John
Baptism2 AUG 1818Outtrim Elizabeth Bowker
Birth1818Outtrim Elizabeth Bowker
Baptism28 FEB 1819Outtrim Caroline
Baptism18 FEB 1821Outtrim Robert
Baptism30 DEC 1821Outtrim Anne
Birth1821Outtrim Robert
Death20 JAN 1823Brookes Elizabeth
Baptism15 JUN 1823Outtrim Henry Edward
Birth1823Outtrim Henry Edward
Baptism28 MAR 1824Outtrim Esther
BirthAbt 1824Outtrim Esther
BirthSEP 1825Outtrim Sarah Anne
Baptism1 JAN 1826Outtrim Sarah Anne
Baptism27 AUG 1826Outtrim George
Death20 JUN 1827Tamplin Elias
Baptism16 SEP 1827Outtrim Alfred
Birth1827Outtrim Alfred
Birth18 JUN 1830Outtrim James
Baptism15 AUG 1830Outtrim James
Baptism30 JAN 1831Outtrim Daniel
Baptism24 MAR 1833Outtrim Emma
Birth1833Outtrim Emma
Baptism1 MAY 1836Outtrim Henry
Baptism21 MAY 1837Outtrim Mary Ann
Death27 MAY 1838Outtrim Thomas
Death1841Tamplin Ann
Marriage15 OCT 1842Outtrim William with Outtrim Esther
Marriage28 JUN 1846Outtrim Henry with Botley Esther
Baptism7 NOV 1847Outtrim Henry
Birth1847Outtrim Henry
Baptism30 JAN 1848Outtrim Sarah
Birth1848Outtrim Sarah
Baptism20 JUN 1850Outtrim Frank
Baptism29 DEC 1850Outtrim William
Birth1850Outtrim Frank
Birth1850Outtrim William
Birth1854Outtrim Henry
Baptism28 DEC 1856Outtrim Frank
Birth1856Outtrim Frank
Baptism25 OCT 1857Outtrim Emily
Birth1857Outtrim Emily
Death8 APR 1860Steer Susannah
Baptism3 APR 1864Outtrim George
Birth1864Outtrim George
BirthAbt 1865Cowlard Mary Ann
Birth1887Outtrim Reginald John
Birth1888Outtrim Vernon George

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