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Australia - TAS Tasmania - Branchome

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth7 JUN 1912Jago Frederick George W



Australia - TAS Tasmania - Bridgewater : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1844Dowling Thomas



Australia - TAS Tasmania - Devonport : 2 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1 MAY 1919Hunt William Richard
Death4 APR 1991Morison Catherine Heather



Australia - TAS Tasmania - Hobart : 2 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death20 JUL 1936Rough John Henry Nicholas
Death1980Gedye Brian



Australia - TAS Tasmania - Latrobe : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death12 SEP 1985Rough Charles Reginald



Australia - TAS Tasmania - Launceston : 4 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1873Brown Lillian Mary Elizabeth
Marriage6 OCT 1897Rough John Henry Nicholas with Gray Lillian Ada
Birth18 MAY 1912Anderson Gordon Headley
Death7 SEP 1962Gray Lillian Ada



Australia - TAS Tasmania - Longford : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1 NOV 1870Armstrong Agnes Jessie



Australia - VIC Victoria

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage?Wightman Richard David with Bell Nancy Mary
Birth?Humphries George
BirthAbt 1850Reid Mary Ann
BirthAbt 1852Cook Frederick
Marriage1853Pedrana Lewis with Kennedy Margaret
Marriage1854McIntosh George with McGrath Catherine
BirthAbt 1854Mitchell Sarah
Death1856Cook Emily
Death1858Hulbert Emily
Marriage1858Heider Anton with Schomann Maria
Birth1858McIntyre Janet
Birth1859Ryder Catherine Theresa Caroline
Birth1861Jelly William
Birth1861McIntyre Duncan
Death4 JUN 1862Thompson Joseph
DeathJUN 1862Hughes Ann
Christening7 SEP 1862McKenzie Margaret Tulley
Marriage1863Power Thomas with Codling Ann
Marriage1863Juniper Joseph with Cook Ann Margaret
Marriage1868Cameron Peter with Pedrana Frances Jane
Marriage1869Dixon William Henry with Hanger Elizabeth Mary
Marriage1869Polson John Sutherland with Sheehan Catherine
Marriage1870Illingworth Joseph with King Harriet
Marriage1870Whitehead John Brooks with Montgomery Annie
Marriage1871Yeomans Caleb with Rice Louisa
Marriage1872Jones Henry with Hill Flora Jane
Marriage1872McIntyre William John with Reid Mary Ann
Marriage1873Gray Richard with Voss Elizabeth
Death1873Hulbert Edwin
Marriage1874Franklin Francis Reuben with Taylor Elizabeth
Marriage1874Lowe James with Saxon Mary Alice
Marriage1874Kaines Oscar with Pengalli Harriet Louise
Death5 SEP 1876Jones Robert
Marriage1876Scott Alexander Bell with Tadich Frances Caroline
Marriage1877Manners George with Moss Sarah
Marriage1878Taylor Joseph Amphlett with Harris Elizabeth
Marriage1878Smith Joseph Noah with Wheeler Elizabeth Ann
Death25 JUL 1879Bennett Annetta
Marriage1879Ryder Bartholomew with Fleming Mary Agnes
Marriage1879Galli Antonio Alberta with Hennessy Matilda Jane
Death1879Inglis Joan
Marriage1880Lewis Arthur Cooper with Balderson Lydia Jane
Marriage1881Turner George with Foster Sarah Ann
Death1882Birkett John
Marriage1882Wallis Alfred with Johns Annie
Marriage1882McIntyre Alexander with Murphy Sarah
Marriage1883Brockenshire James with Munro Jessie Perkins
Marriage1883Brockway Walter St Clair with Clarey Harriet Emily
Marriage1884McIntyre Murdoch with Jelly Mary
Marriage1885Murton William Henry with Clemow Emily Mary
Marriage1886Dixon William Henry with Martin Jane
Marriage1886Heider Emil with Juniper Susan Jane
Marriage1888Birkett John Henry with Easton Lilley
Marriage1889Cook Francis James with Stevens Lucy
Marriage1889Cook Albert Ruggles with Pengelly Mary Emily
Marriage1889Jelly William with McIntyre Annabella
Marriage1889Martin William Henry with Organ Mary Ann
Marriage1890Tyers Frederick James with Buchanan Edith Eliza
Marriage1890Hardie Alexander Duncan with Trounce Elizabeth Lawrence
Marriage1891McIntyre Donald McKay with Finlayson Catherine Ann
Marriage1891Pattulo William with Trickey Elizabeth Williams
Marriage1892Cook John Charles with Moon Alice
Marriage1892Clarey John King with Wyndham Emma Beatrice
Marriage1892White George with Armstrong Agnes Jessie
Marriage1892Chambers Edward Crombie with Harding Jane Miriam
Marriage1893Bower Arthur Edwin with Brown Lillian Mary Elizabeth
Marriage1893Fawcett Paul with Spiers Eleanor Grieve Laing
Marriage1893Johnson Edward with Howlett Fanny
Marriage12 SEP 1894Clarey Ernest Harold with Franzi Louisa Angelina
Marriage1894McMaster William Logan with King Harriet
Marriage1894Burston Samuel John with Taylor Eva Mary
Marriage1895Mapson Joseph William with Bowyer Sophia
Marriage1895McDonald David with King Ellen Ada
Marriage1895Clarey Francis William with Lawson Catherine
Marriage1896Cook Arthur Robert with Burton Elizabeth Therese
Marriage1896Fisher Thomas with Wilson Emily Bridget
Marriage1896Liscombe Henry James with Manning Alice Emma
Marriage1898Wylie William Robert with Trotter Margaret Jane
Marriage1899Leech William Henry with Chittick Mary Jane
Marriage1899McIntyre Dugald John with Heath Anne Frances Johnson
Marriage1899Pledger John with Searle Mary Curtis
Marriage1899Dow William with Graham Nora Marie Cecilia
Marriage1899Henderson Robert with Donaldson Maude Elizabeth
Marriage1899Yeomans David James with Power Emily Florence
Marriage1900Robertson Stewart Anthony with Easton Jane Matilda
Marriage1900Lowdon Thomas John Hilliard with Richardson Isabella Jane
Marriage1901Betts William John with Smith Clara Jane
Marriage1901Whalley John Scott with Yeomans Emily Louise
Marriage1904Doodt Ernest Anthony with Outen Mary Odela
Marriage1904Yeomans William Herbert with Gray Bertha Louise
Marriage25 APR 1905Lowe William James West with Clarey Margaret Shepherd
Marriage1905Donaldson John Hobbs with Bell Elizabeth
Marriage1905Adderley Edmund with Kaines Eveline Louisa
Marriage1905Garnett Garibaldi with Juniper Josephine Clara
Marriage1905Dunn William Merry with Bullow Jessie Eveline
Marriage1906Heider Emil with Juniper Ada
Marriage1906Juniper Herbert Henry with Laurens Annie Teresa
MarriageJUN 1907Turner William Howard with Smith Ruth Hannah Mildred
Marriage1907Juniper Charles William with Clune Elizabeth Julia
Marriage1907Youren Francis Edward with Wylie Rachel
Marriage1907Clarey Francis Sturrock with Stewart Janet Mary
Marriage1907Fleischer Charles Edward with Taylor Ellen Maria Simpson
Marriage1 JAN 1908Clarey Alexander William with Turner Clarice Leila
BirthJUN 1908Cleal Baby
DeathJUN 1908Cleal Baby
Marriage1908Freame William Harry Joseph Selwood with Taylor Jane Ellen
Marriage1908Smith Samuel with Long Rosanna
Marriage6 JAN 1909Ampfer Samuel Reuben with Smith Beatrice Mary
Birth4 JUN 1909Cleal Henry Northcott
Marriage1909Yeomans Arthur Robert with Brockenshire Hilda Hamilton
Marriage1909Taylor William with Hamill Alice Sarah
Marriage1909Juniper Percy Michael Henry with Madigan Mary Ann
Marriage1909Lark Cecil Ambrose with Gruner Mary Florence
Marriage1910Freame William Harry Joseph Selwood with Trotter Margaret Jane
Marriage1910Harvey Albert Raymond with Goodfellow Mabel Alice
Marriage1910Jones John Thomas with Ruff Alma Alberta
Marriage1911Wittingslow Frederick with Heider Amy Louisa
Marriage1911Thornton Albert Henry with McBean Florence Christiana
Marriage1911Coombs Frank William with Bickerton Lucretia May
Marriage1911Sayer William John with Marr Elsie
Marriage1912Burrows Thomas Charles with White Kathleen Emily
Marriage1912Yeomans Edgar Valentine with Scott Lillian Elizabeth
Marriage1912Humphries George with Heider Ada Cordelia
Marriage1913Ratcliffe Robert George with Smith Ivy Sarah
Marriage1914Anderson John William with Kaines Ruby Marian
Birth1914Donaldson Gladys Elizabeth
Marriage1914Collins Edward Victor with Lacey Margaret Mary
Marriage1914Cane Joseph Henry with Easton Ruby Violet Grace
Marriage1914Hipworth Edward with Brown Annie Elizabeth
Marriage1914Taylor Joseph Amphlette with Davey Emily Eunice
Marriage1914Harding John William with Birkett Ida Winifred Lily
Marriage24 JUL 1915Olver Frederick Richard with Smith Hazel Theresa Jubillee
Marriage1915Watt Albert John with Smith Elizabeth Amelia
Marriage1915Martin Clarence George with Harkins Ellen Kinlock
Marriage1915Macartney Frederick David with Millman Anora May
Marriage1916Ruff Edward Abraham with Kealy Eileen Cass
Marriage1916McNamara Francis Tasman with Taylor Janet Edith
Marriage31 MAR 1917Clarey Percy James with Chambers Catherine Mary Isabel
Marriage12 JUL 1917Hunt Stanley William with Ruff Catherene Carlotta
Marriage1917Huggins Ellis Vawdon with Cleary May Jean
Marriage1917Farmer Julian Gregory with Smith May
Marriage1918McPherson Harry Allan with Smith Eva
Marriage1918Yeomans Frederick Caleb with Smith Elsie
Marriage1919Smith Luther Gladstone with Lowe Daphne Florence Grace
Marriage1920Donaldson Albert William with Douglas Elizabeth Louise
Marriage1920Heider Francis Amil Henry with Jackson Ethel
Marriage1920Bell Allan Walter with Donaldson Lily Clara
Marriage1920Donohoe Thomas Andrew with Rendall Ivy Irene
Marriage1920Bower Arthur Clifton with Cook Daisy Winifred
Marriage1920Cook Albert Ruggles with Franklin Rose Elizabeth
Marriage17 DEC 1921Clarey Harold Ernest with Liscombe Elsie Maude
Marriage1921Cook Albert Charles with Wallis Florence Maud
Marriage1921Easton Ormond Leonard with Lowdon Gladys Catherine Isabel
Marriage1921Evans Walter James with Sutton Rosina Mary
Marriage1921Smith John Howard with Richmond Elsie Florence
Marriage1922Milne Edward Roy with French Gladys May
Marriage1922Martin Clarence George with Cook Violet Elsie
BirthAbt 1922Farmer June
Marriage1922Donaldson John Hobbs with Holding Lillian Florence
Marriage1922Jones Steven Ackroyd with Pedrana Isabel Linda
Marriage1922Bartrop Ernest Edwin with Smith Clara Alice
Marriage1922Hipworth John Alexander with Mapson Violet Bessie
Marriage1922Kaines Oscar William with Lowe Amy Mary
Marriage1923Ruff William David with Henderson Maisie May
Marriage1923Easton Charles Leslie with Fawcett Pauline Marie
Marriage1923Morison Roy George with Collins Annie Myrtle
Marriage1923Tyers Fred Buchanan with Smith Isabel Emma
Death8 AUG 1924Bell Anne Jane
Death1924Smart Cyril John
Marriage1924Donaldson Richard Walter with Sutton Isabel Alice
Marriage1924Cook Eric George Stanley with Dow Nora Helena
Marriage1924Smart Ernest Charles with Donaldson Elsie Mary
Marriage1924Smith Clarence Emanuel Watts with Murray Blanche May
Marriage1924Heider Herbert Edward with Fisher Emily Vera
Marriage28 FEB 1925Smith Robert William Carl with Stewart Elizabeth Sarah
Marriage1925Ryder John Bartholomew with Easton Clarice Winifred
Marriage1925Quinlan Andrew John with Morison Mary Audrey
Marriage18 MAY 1926McLeod Archibald Hutchinson with Smith Thelma
Marriage1926Genery James William with Sinclair Rita May
Marriage1927Murton Reginald Edward with Garnett Amy
Marriage1927Easton Herbert Walter with Patullo Jessie Adelaide
Birth1927Hipworth Vincent Henry
Marriage1927Heider Francis Amil Henry with Hardie Jeanie
Marriage1928Brown John Alfred Henry with Cook Mabel Clara
Marriage1928Birkett Leslie Richard Mee with Johnson Selma Caroline
Marriage1928Garnham William Alfred with Hipworth Jessie Annette Margaret
Marriage1928Morison Douglas Joseph Neil with Crisp Evelyn Emily
Marriage1928Hipworth Albert Henry with Bridges Mary Ellen
Birth31 OCT 1929Morison Kenneth Douglas
Marriage1929Irving Walter Thomas with Donaldson Alma Lillian
Marriage1929Heider Herbert Edward with Rose Minnie
Birth1930Cook Maxwell John
Marriage1930Easton Maurice James with Maynard Margaret Maude
Marriage1931Clarey Frank Dunlop Gordon with Doodt Winifred Ethel
Marriage1931McLennan John Duncan with Donaldson Melva Jean
Marriage26 MAR 1932Priestley Henry Robert with Hopkins Gertrude May
Marriage1932Bull Ernest Albert with Smith Joyce Faravoni
Marriage1932Smith Robert Hobbs with Slaughter Olive Mary
Marriage1933Cook Allan Ruggles with Lark Florence Martha
Marriage1933Hipworth Albert (Bickerton) with Smeade Daphne Irene
Marriage1933Mauger Arthur William with Smith Beryl
Marriage1934Hipworth William Roy (Bickerton) with Mitchell Edith
Marriage1934Morgan Harold Thomas with Cook Alice Isabel
Marriage1934Ruff Cyril Charles with Nylander Edith Jessie
Marriage1934Dalton Alfred Ernest with Donaldson Emily Ellen
Marriage1934Smith Alexander Isaac Wright with Donaldson Wilga Alice
Marriage1934Gooch Herbert William with Donaldson Gladys Elizabeth
Marriage1934Ampfer Constantine Lewis with McDonald Dulcie
Marriage1934Ruff Theodore Ambrose with Ilton Constance Regina
Marriage1935Donaldson Clifford Frank with Penny Eva Elizabeth May
Marriage1935Donaldson John Murray with Smith Lorna Dorothy May
Marriage1935Morison William James Clive with Jackson Gladys
Marriage11 JUL 1936Williams George Wesley with Hopkins Irene Grace
Marriage1936Easton Ormond Leonard with Davies Winifred Emily
Marriage1936Easton Edward George Vaughan with Elsum Irene Olive Melba
Marriage1936Park Arthur William with Hopkins Violet Edna
Marriage1936Stuart Thomas with Catterall Joyce Dulcie
Marriage1936Easton Francis Roy with Davidson Lucy
Marriage17 JUL 1937Russ Albert Henry with Burrows Edith Annie
Marriage1937Donaldson Norman Richard with Bennett Dorothy Margaret
Marriage1937Birkett Eric Vyvyan with Thornton Dorothy Florence
Marriage1937McLennan Neil McInnes with Smith Lillian Isabel
Marriage1937Crisp Ernest Robert with Donaldson Mavis Frances
Marriage1937Easton Ronald John with Low Beryl May
Marriage1937Thornton Richard Granville with Cook Florence Ivy
Birth1937Hipworth Wilma Ann
Marriage1938Burnside Hugh with Donaldson Tessie Agnes
MarriageJUN 1939Hopkins Henry William with Docking Ethel Gertrude
Marriage1939Donaldson Melville Graham with Cooper Dulcie Valmai
Marriage1939Crouch Victor Lews with Wagon Hilda Ethel Naomi
Marriage1939Grigg Llewelyn James with Hopkins Doris Hilda
Marriage1939Youren David Wylie with Rowe Phyllis Mabel
Marriage1940Gilbert George Crosby with Cook Edna Annie
Marriage1940Thomson William Campbell with Donaldson Ellie Wilma
Marriage1940Whorlow Oswin Charles with Watt Betty
Marriage1940Bardsley Clifford with Hipworth Dulcie Jean
Marriage1940Dunn John Belshaw with Clarey Jean Stewart
Marriage1940Moore Reginald Eric with Donaldson Aylis Mary
Marriage1940Clarey Reynold Arthur with Leech Irene Mary
Marriage6 DEC 1941Ampfer Reuben Samuel with Taylor Winifred Ethel
Marriage1941Hunt William Richard with Wittingslow Lorna Muriel
Marriage1941Evans Leslie Joseph with Miller Anne Elizabeth
Marriage1941Murray Alastair Irvine with McPherson Gwendoline Jean
Marriage1941Smith Samuel Eric with McGinty Annie Agnes
Marriage1942Cook Arthur Ruggles with Collins Clara Margaret
Marriage1942Hoole Henry Leslie with Russ Marjorie Winifred
Marriage1942Huggins Vawdon Maxwell Windsor with King Private
Birth1944Hipworth Frances
Death1944Hopkins Violet Edna
Birth1944Hipworth Leslie
Birth30 MAY 1946Morrissey Anne Elizabeth
Marriage20 SEP 1947Farnsworth Colin with Donaldson Elwyn Lillian
Death22 AUG 1951Crisp James
Death1957Hipworth Wilma Ann
Birth29 MAY 1958Russ William
Death11 APR 1962Morrissey Anne Elizabeth
Death1970Hopkins Henry William
Death7 SEP 1981Milne Albert Roy
Death1982Grigg Llewelyn James
Death1984Cook Ernest Albert
Death1984Smith Luther Gladstone
Death1986Bartrop Ernest Edwin
Death6 FEB 1989Donaldson Norman Richard
Death22 JAN 1991Morison Kenneth Douglas
Death15 SEP 1991Stuart Thomas
Death20 JAN 1992Burnside Hugh
Death7 NOV 1992Whorlow Oswin Charles
Death3 DEC 1992Wagon Hilda Ethel Naomi
Death13 MAY 1993Sayer Mary Amelia
Death23 JUN 1993Russ Gladys
Death23 JUL 1995Cleal Ian Douglas
Death31 DEC 1995Catterall Joyce Dulcie
Death1995Smith Isabel Emma
Death13 JUL 1996Cleal Henry Northcott
Death9 AUG 1997Farnsworth Colin
Death13 DEC 1998Cleal Jeffrey Ronald
Death8 SEP 1999Russ William
Death10 OCT 2001Watt Betty
Death21 MAR 2002Crisp Evelyn Emily
Death27 JUN 2003Farmer John Gregory

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