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Event TypeDatePlaceIndividualDocuments
Marriage?United Kingdom - EnglandBanfield Jabez Walter with Smith Sarah Ann
Occupation?Clothing shop owner in Victoria Street West AucklandBrown Lillian Isobel Jordan McGill
Birth?Victoria Australia - St KildaCock Charles Matthew Germain
Census?United Kingdom - 66 Bridge Rd London Middlesex, EnglandBull Sarah Frances
Occupation?Company ManagerKearns Hugh James
Occupation?SolicitorHowie Richard Arthur
Burial?Maryborough Victoria Australia - Outtrim Alfred Richard
Occupation?Maryborough Victoria Australia - Hotel Proprieter, McIvor HotelOuttrim Alfred Richard
Occupation?Civil ServantOuttrim Alfred Hardy
Occupation?Farmer, Fruit Farm 1930Bishop Allan
Birth?Connecticut United States of America - South ManchesterGifford Charles Henry
Burial?Maryborough Victoria Australia - Outtrim Alfred Richard
Religious ordination?Catholic PriestOuttrim Cornelius James
Burial?Carisbrook Victoria Australia - Outtrim Emma Priscilla
Occupation?Milk Factory ForemanOuttrim Frederick
Occupation?Saleslady Department Store 1930Outtrim Irene Louisa
Occupation?Toll Keeper, Ag LabOuttrim John
Occupation?Sewing Machine MechanicOuttrim Raymond Cecil
Occupation?ButcherOuttrim Sidney Marquis
Census?Surrey United Kingdom - 30 Major Rd BermondseyOuttrim William James
Occupation?Carman and ContractorOuttrim William
Birth?Moruya New South Wales Australia - Outtrim William
Occupation?Horse DealerOuttrim Sidney Herbert
Birth?United Kingdom - Whitechapel, Bethnal Green, EnglandStrangward Elizabeth West
Occupation?Parents were Trawler OwnersSymonds Sophia Ellen
Occupation?PharmacistOuttrim Salome Meredith
Death?Northamptonshire United Kingdom - Caldecote, Towcester, EnglandWebb John
Birth?United Kingdom - Potton, Bedfordshire, EnglandWye Thomas
Occupation?Company Manager At Berlei Ltd AucklandOuttrim Nolan Alfred
Occupation?ButcherOuttrim Marquis Collingwood
Adoption?Adopted daughter of James and JaneOuttrim Katie
Occupation?PharmacistOuttrim Joyce Irene Mary
Occupation?SurveyorOuttrim James John Stephenson
Occupation?Royal Navy, Engineer Lt. CdrOuttrim James John
Occupation?Engine DriverOuttrim James John
Census?66 Bridge Rd MiddlesexOuttrim James John
Occupation?ClerkOuttrim Herbert Frederick
Census?United Kingdom - 66 Bridge Rd London Middlesex, EnglandOuttrim George Frederick
Occupation?Victorian Deputy Postmaster-GeneralOuttrim Francis Leon
Burial?Maryborough Victoria Australia - Outtrim Elizabeth Rose
Occupation?Post MasterOuttrim Edwin Stephenson
Death?New Zealand - ChristchurchOuttrim Cornelius James
Occupation?GreengrocerOuttrim Charles
Occupation?Company DirectorOuttrim Bryan Chamness
Occupation?Elite Taxi, Custom Street RankOuttrim William Symons
Occupation?Town ClerkPhillips Henry Neville
Occupation?Master MarinerOuttrim William Symond
Occupation?Machine Operator at Berlei Ltd Auckland Taxi PropOuttrim William Symond
Birth?Connecticut United States of America - South ManchesterBalch Lettie Jane

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